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Liteblue login or Lite Blue USPS ePayroll portal ( is intended for authorized U.S. Postal Service employees use only. This U.S. Government payroll system is designed to access paystubs, work schedules, assignments, eRetire, etc.

Your USPS ePayroll login ID, password, and other personal data will be safe in the Liteblue human resources system. Liteblue USPS ePayroll service allow authorized employees to access their accounts, insurance, salary/leaves, money management, etc.

All the USPS Lite Blue ePayroll account holders, if you are going to log in the first time to access your payroll data, must look at the given login process.

US postal service colleagues can login at the Liteblue USPS gov official website via their employee ID and SSP password to access payroll details on your mobile phone, personal computer, Tab, and another device.

What is USPS SSP – Can SSP Password use for LiteBlue Login?

USPS employees create your Self Service Profile(SSP) at to log in at USPS LiteBlue, ePayroll, eLRA, PostalEASE, eReassign, eIDEAS, and eOPF USPS employee’s self-service web applications.

Self-Service Profile password will use when you do Liteblue login USPS.

USPS self-service web applications are used to view payslip, request for leave, apply for reassignment, update phone number/emergency contact details/mailing address, access and print the bi-weekly earnings, initiate retirement planning activities, change your name, payroll deductions, and more benefits.

From USPS SSP you can:

  1. Create your Profile.
  2. Update your password.
  3. Update your PIN.
  4. Add or edit security questions and change your email.

Setup SSP Profile for LiteBlue USPS Login?

USPS new employees, if you want to access the USPS Liteblue ePayroll web portal then you should require to set up your SSP profile at SSP login credentials allow you to log in for doing kinds of online activities at all USPS employee’s self-service Apps.

If it is your First time in USPS SSP Portal then you can:

  • Go to official website first to set up your SSP profile.
  • Click on the Enter SSP.
  • Now SSP login page will display on your system screen.
  • Enter your EIN number/8-digit employee ID and temporary self-service password(which is printed in the letter).
  • Hereafter your profile will display.
  • Right now change your password by making a strong and memorable password.
  • Click on the Next button to continue.
  • Now you will ask for two security questions to select and answer each and click on Next.
  • Type your email address and hit on the Submit by profile button.
  • Now, your SSP main profile will open to change or update your PIN, Password, email, and security questions.

After setup the USPS self-service profile you are validated for USPS Liteblue Login, ePayroll login, and all those web application services made for its employee self-service.

To Setup SSP ProfileClick Here

USPS Lite Blue Login Credentials

In order to provide security and privacy, the portal requires every employee to log in with their personal login credentials.

USPS employees will need their personal employee id and SSP password. Your employee id is available on your earning statement.

  • Employee ID
  • Use the USPS Self Service Profile Password for Liteblue login.
  • Official LiteBlue web application login page.

All the USPS Lite Blue ePayroll account holders, if you are going to log in the first time to access your payroll data, must look at the given login process.

LiteBlue Login – ePayroll Login

USPS LiteBlue ePayroll system new and existing employees sign in at using your Liteblue USPS employee ID and password. This portal provides exclusive USPS payroll to each and every USPS employee.

In order to successfully log in and have access to the USPS employee e-payroll account you just have to follow the simple procedure.

STEP 1. Visit the official USPS login portal, i.e

STEP 2. On, the USPS Liteblue login page you have to enter your login credentials.

STEP 3. Now enter your Employee Id and Password.

Liteblue Login
Liteblue Login

STEP 4. Once you have entered your credentials you can then click on Sign In.

STEP 5. Finally, you can check your personal UPSP employee salary details with the assistance of the USPS e-payroll system.

LiteBlue LoginVisit Here
Official Portal

Lite Blue USPS Login Password Reset Steps

The portal offers service exclusively to authorized personnel only. Hence, a simple change in your login detail can be troublesome. In case you forgot the password, then you will need to recover or reset the Login password.

So, if you ever encounter a login problem for instance if the portal displays an incorrect password tries to remember it. Then follow the below-given steps to reset your password.

  1. Well, even for creating a new password you have to visit the Lite blue page at,
  2. On the password reset page enter your Employee ID.
  3. The next step is to click on Verify Employee ID.
  4. The next step is you will get a link to your registered email address.
  5. Click on that link to reset your password.
Forgot Your Password?Reset Now


Below you will see HR Shared Service Center contacts that provide necessary solutions for problems with the application. If you have any queries then free to call these calling support numbers. Please call only Monday to Friday between 7 am to 8:30 pm.

HRSSC (TDD/TTY)1-866-260-7507

Benefits of USPS Liteblue SSP Portal

SSP is known for its Self-Service Profile. SSP is available to all the LiteBlue USPS Employees. From the SSP portal, you can access all self-service web applications by using your employee ID and password.

SSP is a place to manage your Self-Service Password, PIN, and more. The benefits of the SSP portal are:

  • Create your Self-Service Profile
  • Update your Self-Service Password
  • Update your PIN
  • Add or change an Email address
  • Add or edit security questions

USPS LiteBlue App

To make it even more convenient for their employees the USPS has launched its official USPS LiteBlue App. So, you can download this liteblue USPS e-payroll app and check salary details from your mobile phone.

However, to enable the app to function properly you need to fill up the required details once you have installed the app.

Such details would be your USPS employee id and password. Once the system verifies and identifies you as a USPS employee you can then avail yourself of the USPS Lite Blue login app services.

About USPS

The USPS (United States Postal Services) is a federal postal service and one of the largest postal services in the world. Officially the USPS was founded on July 1, 1971. Other than public postal services, it also operates as Army Post Office and Fleet Post Office by collaborating with the US Department of Defense.

In 1792 under the Postal Service Act the USPS was officially established in the United States. It is an executive branch of the United States federal government. The primary responsibility of USPS is to provide postal services across the United States.

The headquarters of USPS is located at 475 l Enfant Plaza SW Washington, D.C. 20260-0004 U.S. As of 2019, USPS had a total of 633,108 employees among which 496,934 are career personnel and 136, 174 are non-career personnel.


The Liteblue USPS portal is developed for USPS employees, so if you are working with the USPS organization then keep doing a Liteblue USPS login to view/print valuable information online. You can also able to monitor and manage your career and benefits.


When do I use my USPS SSP password?

USPS employees if you have created a profile on the USPS SSP portal then you are able to use the USPS password for login at Lite Blue, eOPF, ePayroll, PostalEASE, and other USPS employee’s self-service portals.

Why do I need to change my Self-Service login password?

SSP login password is important to change because the temporary password that you have received from USPS HRSSC is not validated to access another USPS employee self-service web application. That’s why you need to change it. SSP password is also important to change for security reasons.

What is my USPS Liteblue Employee ID?

USPS Liteblue Employee ID is an eight-digit number, which can be found at the top of your earnings statement or paystub. Along with your Employee ID , Your self-service password is a password used to access self-service web applications.